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Skincare Brand Evighet Gains Overnight Popularity


Original article on Bloomberg.

“First to use Ice Wine on face, skincare brand Evighet sparks new trend among beauty seeking ladies

April 20, 2016 – Singapore – Before they knew it, skincare brand Evighet has become sort of a celebrity. Especially popular among the ladies, Evighet was first to use Ice Wine, a rare fruit based ingredient, as facial serum.

“We were looking for something quite different yet effective,” says Evighet’s Chief Marketing Officer, Teddy Tham, “We didn’t expect it to explode like that.”

“Explode” is not an overstatement.

Just days after its launch, the first batch of Ice Wine serum was furiously combed off the shelves. Now, barely three weeks later, they are on their way to completing their 5th batch.

“This is the first time we are having such overwhelming response”, says Teddy, “I think fruits still work best.”

Fox and ABC news were some of the first to publish about Evighet and its products.

“After that it was all mayhem,” says Teddy.

The trend only grew as more news and magazine outlets began publishing about the up and rising skincare brand. Morning News, Glamand Fashion News, The Morning Lead and Mammoth Times were some of the outlets that picked up on the company.

Even major outlets like NBC and CBS News had their share of publishing articles on Evighet.

While welcomed, the sudden spike in attention is something that’s relatively new to the company. “We were working hard on pushing our new serum and boom, it just took off like that,” says Teddy.

“The company spent years perfecting the Ice Wine serum, I think our formula is as good as, if not better than the big brands’ formulations,” added Teddy.

The Ice Wine serum consists of active elements obtained from Swiss frozen grapes that are harvested at minus eight degrees or lower. Claims of the effects of the rare ingredient are wide ranging, from anti-aging to skin repair to brightening.

“Customers entrust their skin and beauty to us, we want them to be safe with products that are genuinely good for them,” says Teddy.

“In the case of the Ice Wine serum, I think it is awesome that the response has been great so far. Sales has been great, but that aside, we truly appreciate the support our customers have given us.”

For more information about Evighet and Ice Wine, visit http://www.evighetskincare.com.”

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New Skincare Brand Evighet Exposes Shady Industry Practices, Aims to Overtake Market Leader Shiseido


Original article on Fox.

“Most skincare products are not what they seem to be!

April 8, 2016, Singapore: Up and rising skincare brand Evighet has boldly announced its intention to surpass Japan skincare and beauty giant Shiseido. Commenting on the incredulous marketing gimmicks by some of the industry’s biggest players, Evighet Chief Marketing Officer, Teddy Tham, has labelled such tactics ‘unrealistic’ and ‘borderline deceptive’.

Said Teddy, on the topic of marketing, “Many brands out there are making bold claims, but how many of them actually deliver what they promise? The truth is, many of those products are merely selling dreams. The smarter ones, they use the feel good factor.” Illustrating what he meant by ‘feel good factor, “Yes, sometimes you see results, enjoy the texture, or even feel the tightness in your skin, but is that really a long term solution? To put it more bluntly, applying glue on your face will probably get you the same results, though that may not necessarily be bad for health. Is that what the consumer wants in the long run?”

He then went on to expose some of the lesser known and hushed down tactics of his industry, “You see products everywhere claiming immediate results, breakthrough technology, made in Switzerland, Japan technology etc. Truth is, it’s really not that hard to play around with this information. A manufacturer might have gotten his or her ingredients in Switzerland but had them packaged in an overseas less than sterile environment. Still, he or she claims the product to be ‘Made in Switzerland’ with ‘Breakthrough Japanese technology’. Is that considered false advertising?”

While there are guidelines when it comes to such matters, they are hard to enforce because of the sheer number of products circulating the market. It is not all doom and gloom, however, as pointed out by Evighet; there still are products that are of great quality and whose vendors genuinely want the best for their customers. Time will eventually expose the ones that are of little or no substances. It is after all the consumer’s experience that determines the longevity of a product’s usage.

Asked whether they too are jumping on the bandwagon of claiming stupendous results, Teddy has this to say, “Ultimately, our focus is to deliver products that are 100% safe and truly good for the skin, both long term and short. As much as possible, we try to tackle the root of skincare problems that our customers face. Yes, we use bold and loud words in our marketing materials. We use shocking images. That is what’s marketing all about. What we don’t do, however, is over promising consumers on what our products can do. We do not play around with the information. We present our products as they are. Some of our products may be made in Singapore with Singapore technologies. We think it is okay. We are actually real proud of it. I do not think we’ll lose to the Swiss or Japanese in this aspect.”

For more information on Evighet and their products, visit: http://www.evighetskincare.com.”

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Singapore Skincare Brand Gains Popularity


Original article here.

April 16, 2016, Singapore: Local skincare brand Evighet has been in the limelight since launching their flagship product, the Ice Wine skin perfecting serum.

Dubbed the first to use ice wine as a facial serum, Evighet has garnered a strong following in recent months, especially among beauty loving ladies with a keen interest in skincare products.

Says Teddy Tham, Strategic Adviser of Evighet, ‘when we first launched our ice wine serum, we had not expected response to be so great, after all we are still a relatively young company with a relatively new product.”

It seems youth to them is nothing to worry about. Making up for their lack of corporate profile is the quality of their products and willingness to innovate. Constantly scouring the market for gaps they can fill, Evighet is fundamentally in the business of ‘investigation’ and ‘invention’.

‘Without finding out what the consumers are missing and without innovation, we would not have created ice wine as it is,’ says Teddy.

Ice Wine, indeed, is the young company’s greatest achievement as of yet. Users of their ice wine serum boasts anti-wrinkles and pore minimising effects, with some even claiming almost immediate results after first use.

‘Unlike most skincare products I use, Evighet’s Ice wine serum feels remarkably smooth when applied,” says one frequent user of the serum, Kate Chong, ‘I can feel its effects just after one use.’

‘As a mother of three, it’s really nice to have a product like this,’ says another avid user, Michelle Lee, ‘the serum is currently the only after wash product that I use and I think it is more than enough.’

While reviews have been positive, Evighet is careful not to get complacent.
‘I think it is important to keep up the tempo, a good product is a good start,’ says Teddy, ‘now we got to make sure our customer service is top notch as well to make for a whole experience.’

For more information about Evighet and Ice Wine, visit http://www.evighetskincare.com.”


Ice Wine as Facial Serum?


Original article here.

As quoted from OS News,

April 16, 2015, Singapore: A new trend has caught up among the ladies. Like honey to bees, many are falling head over heels over facial serums containing Ice Wine, an ingredient that is relatively rare and not widely associated with beauty products until recently.

1Evighet’s Ice Wine Serum

Says Ken Chew, Skincare Advisor of Skin Specialists’ Associates and one of the first to use Ice Wine in their serum, “The ingredient has been around for some time, but only recently did researchers discover the positive effects it has on the skin.”

Elaborating on what “positive effects” meant, Ken says, “the effects range from anti-wrinkles to minimized pores to younger looking skin.”

Apparently, it is also not uncommon for users to report almost instantaneous effects.

Says Celine Woo, a frequent user of Ice Wine, “Right after applying the serum it had a soothing and relaxation effect.”

Reviews from the others have also been positive.

One netizen commented, “I like how it is not overpoweringly fragrant or sticky, once applied my skin feels clean and unburdened.”

Another said, “The ice wine serum is the only product I am using right now and I think it is more than sufficient.”

Evighet Skincare, the first to use Ice Wine as a facial application, was the one that originally sparked the Ice Wine trend. After giving away free samples to some of their customers, word of mouth soon spread about the effectiveness of their new serum. News agencies began publishing articles on them and their product. Even ABC and Fox news had their share of coverage of the skincare brand.

Says Teddy Tham, Strategic Adviser for Evighet Skincare, “I think Ice Wine is not just a fad, it is something that is really effective and will likely change the way beauty products are shaped in the near future.”

It seems the trend of using Ice Wine as a beauty enhancement is a growing one with no signs of slowing anytime soon.

For more information about Evighet’s Ice Wine Serum, visit http://www.evighetskincare.com/.”