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Singapore Skincare Brand Gains Popularity


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April 16, 2016, Singapore: Local skincare brand Evighet has been in the limelight since launching their flagship product, the Ice Wine skin perfecting serum.

Dubbed the first to use ice wine as a facial serum, Evighet has garnered a strong following in recent months, especially among beauty loving ladies with a keen interest in skincare products.

Says Teddy Tham, Strategic Adviser of Evighet, ‘when we first launched our ice wine serum, we had not expected response to be so great, after all we are still a relatively young company with a relatively new product.”

It seems youth to them is nothing to worry about. Making up for their lack of corporate profile is the quality of their products and willingness to innovate. Constantly scouring the market for gaps they can fill, Evighet is fundamentally in the business of ‘investigation’ and ‘invention’.

‘Without finding out what the consumers are missing and without innovation, we would not have created ice wine as it is,’ says Teddy.

Ice Wine, indeed, is the young company’s greatest achievement as of yet. Users of their ice wine serum boasts anti-wrinkles and pore minimising effects, with some even claiming almost immediate results after first use.

‘Unlike most skincare products I use, Evighet’s Ice wine serum feels remarkably smooth when applied,” says one frequent user of the serum, Kate Chong, ‘I can feel its effects just after one use.’

‘As a mother of three, it’s really nice to have a product like this,’ says another avid user, Michelle Lee, ‘the serum is currently the only after wash product that I use and I think it is more than enough.’

While reviews have been positive, Evighet is careful not to get complacent.
‘I think it is important to keep up the tempo, a good product is a good start,’ says Teddy, ‘now we got to make sure our customer service is top notch as well to make for a whole experience.’

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